Gigi has always accustomed us to the best, starting with the choice of his homes. His mountain chalet is no exception: it's at the Refuge de Solaise with the snowy peaks of Val D’Isère as a backdrop, that our whimsical Milanese dandy has chosen to settle down. Here, at an altitude of 2550 meters, facing the majestic nature of the park of Vanoise, the winter version of life Alla Grande can fully express itself.

In this immense building of wood and stone, where the white panorama is visible in every window, Gigi has once again entrusted Hugo Toro with the task of creating a decor to its (un)measure.

At nightfall, 3 nights a week, under the XXL chandeliers of the restaurant or by the travertine fireplace, Gigi welcomes its guests for a transalpine feast. The world below seems already far away...


On the plate, you will find the essential Italian dishes executed in the rules of the art, but also generous "gratinati" for the fans of cheese from the mountain pastures, to be tasted in the warm atmosphere of the indoor restaurant.

Our dandy also likes to enjoy the fresh air. On his huge terrace, he calls out "Mangiamo!" and the beautiful tables are set up facing the mountains. We bask in the sun after a morning of skiing, impatient to find the signature dishes of Gigi.


It is at the Refuge de Solaise, a true white paradise overlooking the valley of Val d’Isèrevalley, that Gigi has chosen to set up its mountain residence.
Nestled in the former cable car station of Solaise and proclaimed the highest hotel in the French Alps, Le Refuge de Solaise offers a unique mountain experience with sixteen rooms, a dormitory, four flats, two restaurants, a bar, a spa with indoor swimming pool, treatments and cosmetics, a boutique, a children's area and a 75 m2 seminar room. 

To witness spectacular sunrises and sunsets, to contemplate the celestial vault studded with thousands of stars on certain nights, to be intoxicated by the grandiose landscapes punctuated by the changing lights of the day, to return to the essentials by focusing on silence, the time for observation, and of course to take advantage of walks in a restful natural environment and a beautiful ski area: welcome to Val d’IsèreWelcome to the Refuge de Solaise. 

To stay here is to experience the high mountains with all your senses in exceptional conditions. 


Le Refuge de Solaise shop offers a wide selection of international brands for women, men and children, with more than 100 carefully selected items.
Ready-to-wear, accessories, jewellery, skiwear... but also products signed Gigi and Le Refuge de Solaise. 

The shop is open every day from 12pm to 5pm.
On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday until 9pm. 

Open 7 days a week
(reservations recommended outside of service hours)

12:00 - 15:00

7pm - 11pm

Gigi Val d’Isère

Le Refuge de Solaise
Chemin de la Vanoise
73150 Val-d'Isère
04 58 83 00 91


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Blandine Sanson


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