Chi è Gigi

A whole universe in 4 letters. An Italian nickname whispered in the ear, like a secret to be shared between lucky initiates.

If Gigi had a face, it would be that of a Milanese aesthete who is a traveller, proud of his heritage and open to the world. A charismatic dandy, whimsical and casual but generous and sunny, a colourful character for whom meeting rhymes with partying, and who loves nothing more than to receive his guests in his homes as he would in his native country: Alla Grande !

The addresses Gigi are the embodiment of this state of mind. The art of entertaining as only Italy can imagine. With extravagance and elegance, conviviality and refinement, joie de vivre and lightness. In a word: with panache!

An art of living where everyone comes to share a festive, unique and unforgettable interlude.


Press Office Pascale Venot
Emilie Delbos


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