Alla Grande

Much more than just restaurants, the Gigi addresses are places of pleasure, sharing and aesthetics, with a history, a concept, a musical and olfactory imprint. They are an art of living, an attitude, a creator of memories and unforgettable moments where the art of staging is mastered.

To enter Gigi is to vibrate to the rhythm of a constantly reinvented Dolce Vita . Its 100% Italian playlist until the 2nd evening service mixes jazz, iconic songs from the 50s and 60s and other peninsular favourites, only interrupted to give way to live performances before increasing in intensity at night to draw all guests into a festive atmosphere. It's impossible for guests to resist dancing or singing along!

In its quest for refinement, Gigi has thought of everything.
From the olfactory signature of its premises to its singular graphic style, not forgetting the genuine fashion pieces created to measure for squadra Gigi , every detail reminds us that we are in an exceptional place inspired by a true aesthete.


Press Office Pascale Venot
Emilie Delbos


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